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Sites of Distinction

Facilities that are active participants in the LEPC are recognized for their service to the county and the community.

Who is Eligible:
Any facility that is required to follow Section 312 of the SARA TITLE III LAW requiring the owner or operator of a facility to submit a Tier II report to the State Emergency Response Commission, the Local Emergency Planning Committee and your local fire department annually if the facility has hazardous chemicals on hand in quantities equal or greater than set threshold levels.

Multiple facilities under one ownership entity are eligible for separate and specific certifications for each facility using documents that cover jurisdiction specific plans and are covered by a single facility emergency coordinator. To maintain eligibility, all required fee payments must have been received and deposited by Cumberland County following the most recent annual submittal.

Distinction Levels


Facilities are eligible after maintaining gold status for a minimum of 2 consecutive years.


Meet mandatory requirements and complete a minimum of 8 award criteria.


Meet mandatory requirements and complete any 6 out of 10 award criteria.


Meet mandatory requirements and complete any 4 out of 10 award criteria.

Why Apply:

We know you do a lot for safety and it is rarely acknowledged, especially with all the time and money spent on maintaining compliance. The Sites of Distinction program is a way for your facility to let people know that you have gone beyond the requirements and to use it as a PR outreach through the media to let the community know that you are doing all these things.
Your facility may already be doing many of the items on the criteria list and should be recognized for it. Criteria includes, but is not limited to, submitting your annual Tier II report in PATTS before the March 1 deadline, staying current on your Tier II fees to the county, have a current copy of the county developed Off-Site Response Plan in a location within the facility where it can be accessed quickly and easily in case of a hazardous emergency, attending LEPC meetings, hosting an LEPC / Fire Responder visit, and attending the LEPC Annual SARA Summit.
Final recognition and certification to the bronze, silver, gold or diamond criteria will be awarded after facility eligibility is
confirmed. The facility will receive a certificate which can be displayed at your facility. And as you complete more of the criteria you can move up the awards levels.
A special recognition will be held during the annual LEPC Summit for Site of Distinction Award recipients for that year.

Industrial Engineer


Submit completed applications via the LEPC website, or by email to The Sites of Distinction subcommittee reviews completed applications and will report updates to the LEPC at bi-monthly meetings in person or writing. Deadline for consideration at upcoming SARA Summit is required by March 1. The LEPC reserves the right to request additional information from all applicants.

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